If you are not a Malaysian citizen and you do not know how gambling functions in Malaysia, then understanding gambling in Malaysia might be a bit confusing. However, with the popularity of gambling in the country and the facility of the internet, you can gamble online. Gambling in Malaysia is now available online and it is legally approved.

Gambling in a casino is fun and it gets you money. These days you can sit at home and enjoy gambling through online slot Malaysia. So you earn and play within the comfort of your home. This article aims to provide you with a Malaysia online casino list available on Live22. This list will mention the topmost online casinos which will get you acquainted with the online slot Malaysia scenario. We will then discuss the most preferred online casino.

Here is a Malaysia online casino list that has been shortlisted as the best online casinos in Malaysia:

  • Live 22
  • Spintropolis
  • Casino La Fiesta
  • BGO Casino
  • Casino Superlines

This Malaysia online casino list focuses on the best casinos in Malaysia that you can gamble at. Before you opt for online gambling, it is always better to know the rules of all games and the many options you have. This is why some research always helps. At times you might just get lucky and win a game but this will not help you in the long run. Online casinos are the best option for gambling these days because of the multiple benefits they offer.

The casinos mentioned in Malaysia online casino list has numerous exciting games and many gambling platforms. They offer several rewards and points that can be used in a profitable manner. All of these make the whole gambling experience more fun. However, a lot of players do not know many important keys to gambling on online slot Malaysia which might help them. Some of them might also be investing in a website that is not as good as another website. This is why we are here to help you through this article.

About Live22

Live22 provides you with an authentic gambling experience with a host of interesting games and a live casino. To make the gaming process very engaging, this online casino has amazing graphics in all its games and you will have a large list of games to choose from. You can then select a game, which will suit you the most and yield you huge benefits.


While you play any game on Live22, you will be provided with utmost security so that no online theft of your account or identity can occur. If face any problem with playing a game or any other issue, you can get in touch with the website’s experts via online chat. These experts are there solely to help you and make you understand the rules better. Live22, therefore, has a strong help desk that makes it stand out among other casinos that are on online slot Malaysia.

Free Credit Slot Malaysia Live22 Offers

Live22 offers great bonus points to all its players. This casino has a welcome bonus for players who are new to the online casino. A new player can earn around one hundred and ten per cent extra on their credit. This is called free credit new member casino Malaysia. It also has raffles that give many rewards to it players like free spins, rewards in money and club memberships.

Registration on Live22

The registration process for this online casino is not very difficult. All you need to do is visit the website https://live22.com/Login and go to the topmost button on the left. Once you press the button, you will see the option of login. After this, you will just have to provide your details and your account will be created. Once your account is created, you will immediately receive free credit slot Malaysia that can be used in the games you play. The free credit new member casino Malaysia can be earned by any person who joins this online casino for the first time.

Games Available in Live22

Live22 will give you more than a hundred games to choose from. There are popular games like roulette, slot, blackjack, baccarat, etc online which are sufficient for you to choose this platform over all others. Once you start with gambling at this casino, we are sure that you will have a great impression about online gambling in Malaysia.

Most of the primary games on Live22 are popular games in gambling. But before you begin to play any of them, you should know the way to play them correctly. We will explain all the popular games in a brief manner. This will give you a brief idea about how each game works and what is your role in it.

  1. Roulette: For e beginner, roulette might look very confusing with so many different colours and numbers. But once you understand the rules and get a hang of it, roulette will be the most interesting game to you. You should know that in gambling, there are no rules that can give you 100% guarantee of winning. However, this does not mean that you will incur losses. You should just know how to bet properly.


You should know basic physics and mathematics to understand roulette. A game of roulette will have a wheel for spinning, a table on which the betting will take place and a ball that has to be spun. You will be given options to wager from. Then the wheel will spin and if the ball lands on your wager, then you have won.

Always manage your money in a wise way and keep yourself in control while playing roulette. You can bet inside and outside the table. Beginners are advised to start with outside bets as the profits are usually consistent.

  1. Slot: Casino Slot games are fun to play with so many visuals, sounds, etc that are made only to increase your interest in the game. However, at times, so many features can be overwhelming. However, all slot machines work in a similar fashion. This makes it easier for you to understand how they work. Always start with lesser amounts to avoid incurring heavy losses.


Slot games are easy to understand. You just have to put in the cash and pull the handle of the machine. There are no difficult rules to follow. Just be careful of your financial situation and you are good to go.

To play a slot game, you can pay by card, cash, or a payout ticket that you earned earlier.

  1. Blackjack: Blackjack is one of the most popular games that people play in a casino. It is a card game that has decks with 52 cards in them. Every denomination is assigned with a value. The aim of the player is to pick cards that will add up to 2. There is a dealer in every game which is played at a table that is arc-shaped. There are places that can accommodate a maximum 7 players at a time.


In order to win, the player has to pick cards that do not exceed the denominations of the dealer. Not all blackjack games have the same rules. So you have to decide on the one that works the best for you.

  1. Baccarat: If you are gambling on Baccarat, you have the option of wagering on three things: there is hand winning of the player, there is also the hand winning of the dealer and finally a tie. This game is played on a big table that can accommodate around 12 to 14 players. There is no number 13 in the game. The game is played with cards that are placed in a deck. The deck consists of 52 cards. The game is played with an aim of selecting the hand that wins. This can be the hand of the player or the dealer.


You should never forget your commission in a game of baccarat. Try to play with a dealer’s bet in the game as it always has an advantage over the other bets.

Odds of Games on Live22

Roulette is one of the most frequently played games on Live22. There are various types of roulette as well and this game is all about odds. The house edge is an important factor in roulette. If you can weigh the house edge properly, then playing roulette and winning at it should not be very difficult.

If we talk about Slot games, you should consider the percentage of payback in a slot game. The payback percentage is basically the total payback of a machine in its whole life. Also, pay attention to odds of random numbers and the frequency of hits. So while choosing a slot game on Live22, consider all of these factors.

Online Baccarat requires both your luck and your playing techniques. When you are playing Baccarat online, the possibility of winning in the case of a player’s hand is 44.62%. The possibility of a tie between a player and the dealer is 9.53%. Baccarat has the best winning odds among all other online casino games. The winning possibility of the player’s hand id very high and the house edge is 2% or lesser.

To get yourself familiar with the odds of blackjack is crucial to winning this game. Also, blackjack odds vary and depending on them, you can take high leaps on your next move. For example, certain odds will allow you to take a jump with 21 points based on the card that you have at the moment. You have to look at your combination of cards and apply logic by analyzing the percentage that is displayed. This can give you high profits in the next move.

Best Slot Game Online Malaysia

Slot game or slot machine is the most popular game on Live22 because one does not have to do much in order to play this game. Slot game online Malaysia also offers bonus games that can give you high paybacks. Slot games on this casino also have high payout percentage.

Slot game online Malaysia will show you graphics of symbols. These symbols appear on a reel with multiple possibilities and the player can choose to play on more than one line at a time. All you need to do is just spin the reel. This game does not need you to invest much thought in it and can give you huge benefits. Live22 slot games have attractive graphics which also differ from one slot game to other.


Tips & Tricks

Since this casino offers a lot of games and rewards, it is important that you know the standard techniques to enjoy gambling online. So we have come up with a few hacks and tricks for you. These hacks will make the whole gambling experience better for you. Here are the tips that you should note:

Choose your game wisely: you will be given several options in games when you gamble online. You should know all the games properly to be able to choose the best one for yourself. You can decide to play a game depending on your abilities. This will help you to reap better and larger profits. Another way is to try every game once so that by the end, you will know the best one that suits you.

Develop your own techniques: Become a pro at online gambling by trying out various ways in one game. Trying out new techniques will let you know your strengths. You will also be sure of the technique that you want to continue with and this, in turn, will give you sure profits. So every time you try out a new game, you can experiment with yourself and try playing the same game in different ways. This will give you an edge over other people who follow the same age-old ways.

Keep a track of your own limits: Casinos and online gambling are infamous for making one lose all money. However, it is not just a one-way traffic. You should know when to stop. We know that playing a game can become very interesting and make it difficult for you to withdraw. However, knowing your financial situation and your weakness will be helpful.

Do not take rash decisions and play only till the time that your bank balance can afford. If you see yourself losing in many games consecutively, then you should stop. This will prevent you from losing out on all your savings and capital.

Use all your rewards judiciously: a lot of gamers are not fully aware of the rewards that they can enjoy when gambling online. This not only makes them lose out on more profits but also keep them on a back foot when compared with other players. You should, therefore, know all your credits and points that you get and use them judiciously. This will give you the maximum benefits and also make gambling feel way better.

Having a solid knowledge of the above points, you will be able to enjoy gambling like never before. We will now tell you what Live22 has to offer for its players. This will help you to know more about their games and why you should choose Live22 over others.

Live22 has a huge list of game slots like Age of the Gods, A Night Out, Arctic Adventure, Cat in Vegas, Cops N’ Bandits, Midnight Carnival, Gorilla Tribe, Buffalo Blaze, Clover’s Tales, Spirit Bear, Cowboys & Aliens, Desert Treasure, Forest Wonders, Fantastic Four, and a lot more. With such a large variety of slots, you can never get bored.


How to Play Online Casino From Anywhere?

For the convenience of the players, Live22 has also come up with a facility that will enable you to play online gambling on your phone. If you have an Android phone or an iOS phone, you can access this online casino on your phone and have unlimited fun from anywhere across the world. This means that Live22 is perfectly compatible with your phone.

Regardless of any phone you have, you can sign up for Live22 from your phone and claim your rewards and points. You can also withdraw money from your online account from your phone. In this way, you will always have access to your bonuses even when you are playing on your mobile.

Live22 has already gained a status in the US and has now brought its platform to players in Malaysia. It offers the best visuals along with a great experience of online casino and many arcade games. Although this casino is considerable new, it will not fail any of your tests and prove itself to be a high-quality online casino. To make this casino the best online casino in Malaysia, they provide you with people who have a good betting experience and have designed the slots for you.

Live22 is the new platform to try out with its highly imaginative games. It has the feature of providing you with games that have some of the most famous characters in the world. Every game is specially designed with their own specific rules and features. They also have their own different graphics that will take you to a new world altogether. Live22 does not just let you play; it lets you live the game.

Once you have this casino on your phone or on your desktop, you can avoid the hassle of going to a casino in person. This will save you the trouble of extra work and you can also avoid the huge crowd that gathers at many casinos. If you are gambling at an online casino, you can concentrate better and have better chances of winning. You can also play in a peaceful manner with Live22 online slot Malaysia.

Download Live22 APK

The mobile slot Malaysia for this casino can be easily downloaded on your android phone through an APK file. Follow these simple steps to learn how to download the casino on your Android device:

  • Firstly you have to visit the website http://live22apk.com/
  • The page that will appear on your screen will have options for downloading this casino’s mobile slot Malaysia on both your desktop and your mobile.
  • You will see two options in the mobile download area. Then you have to select an Android download.
  • A file will be downloaded on your device that you can open and register through your phone.
  • And your process is completed. You can now play mobile slot Malaysia of this casino on your Android phone from anywhere.

Eligibility to Play Live 22

This casino also has games that are based on particular historical time periods. Such games will give you a wholesome experience of that period and make you feel like a part of it. Every small detail in a game is taken care of to make it look comprehensive and to maintain a consistency.

We can bet that with these games, you will not be bored or distracted even for a single moment. So for people who are old and do not have much to do, this online casino can be a great pastime. Even housewives who have to mostly stay at home, this casino can be the source of a lot of enjoyment. In addition to this, they will also get money for the time that they spent. When you get to have fun and you get paid for it as well, nothing can be better. So Live22 can be very constructive for old people and housewives or anyone who wants to indulge in something interesting.

Special Features

Live22 has pleased many gamers because of its special feature of amazing visuals. All of its slot games are theme based and the designers have paid attention to every little detail that gives the players a whole new experience. The games are made in a way to make the player feel like they are actually present in that game.


This visually appealing feature of Live22 is great and the picture quality is the best. It is better than most other online casinos which are way too simplistic and they do not give you the realistic feeling of being in a casino. In addition to this, this casino includes famous characters and you might end up playing a game that has a character you love. This makes the gaming process a lot more fun.

Live22 is also great for Chinese people because a lot of its slot games are based on Chinese culture. Some of the slot games are based on lore from China while some others mimic the Shanghainese time period. For people who belong to China or even for people who like or want to experience Chinese culture, Live22 online slot Malaysia is the best option.