All online casino Malaysia does not have restrictions on space, unlike land-based casinos, which is a great advantage, except when you are just starting out. Most new casino online mobile Malaysia cannot decide which online casino Malaysia free bonus games to play.

preferring-online-casinos-to-land-based-optionsWith so many games available, it can sometimes become an overwhelming experience for beginner players in the world of online casinos. Moreover, some new players don’t even know how these games work.

While some are just interested in playing slot game in Malaysia, others want to experience the thrill of roulette. While a lot many casino online mobile Malaysia players already know and have decided which games to play, there are still a large number of rookies who don’t know where to begin with.

Some online casino Malaysia free bonus games are better than others; hence, you will need to weigh all your options while choosing the best casino online mobile Malaysia. The final decision is really crucial since it can turn this opportunity into a fortune for you. In case of experienced casino players, they learn the game rules from land-based casinos, which help them in playing the same games on online casinos.

Below are some points that may help you in choosing what games you want to play in a casino based on how simple the rules are, the house edge size, payouts potential, amount of skill needed to play, and, of course, the fun factor. Each of these elements represents the things that you look for when choosing the right online casino.

This article explains all these points in detail, in addition to the advice that will help you in taking the right decision while choosing the best online casino for yourself. Keep in mind that each casino game with all of these elements will result in different goals for the player. So, let us take a look at these factors in detail.

The Simplicity of The Rules

For beginners, it is the first and most logical step. You should begin with games that are easy to learn since a casino game with complex rules can dampen the fun of the players. Most of these online casino slot games are simple to learn, straight-forward, and only a few require you to reach the expert level. On the other hand, table games may require a certain level of skill, luck, and they do not give a welcoming vibe to newcomers.

Young woman in Casino on a slot machineOut of all these games, online slot game Malaysia is perhaps the easiest to understand, learn, and play. Casino games, as well as slots, are very simple to learn. All you need to do is put your money in a traditional machine and press the start button or pull the lever, depending on the built of the machine. Next, you just have to watch the reel spin and hope you get a winning combination of the slot game Malaysia. If you are playing online casino, everything can be done with a click of your mouse button.

Some other games that are extremely easy to play are Casino War, 3 Card Poker, Keno, Baccarat, and Roulette. In Roulette, the rules are extremely simple and you get better betting options to consider and win than the slot game Malaysia.

But sometimes, the experience can be intimidating if you don’t know what you are up to. Therefore, you can start practicing and playing Roulette games online on SCR99 with other beginners out there and learn from them. It might help you learn the game much faster than any other source.

House Edge Size

When it comes to getting the maximum value for your money, the size of the house edge is very important. Although it takes effect after a long run of the casino online mobile Malaysia game, a lower house edge generally means you will lose less money over time. House Edge is defined as the average casino profit as a percentage of the player’s original bet. For example, in Roulette, the house edge is nearly 5%. This means for every ringgit bet, the casino keeps 5% of it as a profit and returns the rest 95% to the winning players on an average.

blackjackBlackjack offers the best size of the house edge. It has the lowest house edge size if you can play the game properly, like knowing when to double down, when to split, etc. If it sounds complicated, it really isn’t. All you need to learn are the basics and rules of the online casino Malaysia free bonus game properly. Just remember that the exact house edge in the Blackjack game is also depended on the variants being played and house rules. – There are many different variants and each one has slightly different rules. Plus, different casinos adjust some of the game rules.

Some other low house edges all online casino Malaysia games include Craps, Video Poker, Pai Gow, and Baccarat. Each of these games has different bets that can either be a low house edge or a high one. Hence, it is important for you to know all the betting options and their respective edge.

Payout Potential


The best thing about gambling in casinos is that you stand a chance of winning great amounts of money by wagering small stakes. But, this is true only for some online casino Malaysia games, so it is important you choose the game that can win you big without much risk. Slots with progressive jackpots should be your go-to choice if you want to earn big since the largest payout casino game is a slot game.

Progressive slot game Malaysia is, the easiest to score big while placing small bets. But, you can also find slots without high jackpots and some of them are not so entertaining to play. Las Vegas houses some of the largest progressive jackpots but you will also find decently-sized prizes online and at most land-based casino game venues.

Some other casino online mobile Malaysia games that offer big wins are Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Video Poker, and Keno. It should also be noted that all online casino Malaysia table games, like Blackjack and most types of casino Poker, feature side bets where you can play for huge payouts.

casino-software-developersNow, take a look at the highest payout rates offered by different casino software:

Casino Software Slot Current jackpot Highest jackpot Average win Average duration
NetEnt Mega Fortune £ 3,693,917 £ 17,861,800 £ 4,212,042 11 weeks
Microgaming Mega Moolah £ 3,009,574 £ 13,230,200 £ 4,300,555 17 weeks
Playtech Jackpot Giant £ 10,395,015 £ 5,890,360 £ 5,890,360 25 weeks
Random Logic Millionaire Genie £ 4,990,458 £ 4,671,110 £ 2,264,660 26 weeks
IGT MegaJackpots £ 1,602,055 £ 2,578,737 £ 1,306,495 24 weeks
CryptoLogic Millionaires Club £ 907,612 £ 5,898,352 £ 2,052,746 25 weeks

Skills Required

featuredMost of the casino games are purely based on luck and, till a certain point, some skills as well. Most players like to test their skills rather than relying wholly on their luck factor. One of the games that involve the highest skill level is Blackjack. With a game of Blackjack, you can augment your winning chances by learning more about the game or by developing your playing skills. It is debatable, yes, but it should be noted that every decision made at a Blackjack table results in the outcome of the game/hand and can influence your results. Also, card counting in Blackjack is definitely a skill. Blackjack also tests your memory power as it often presents you with a situation that demands decisions.

The other all online casino Malaysia game where skills matter is Video Poker. It is very similar to Blackjack and requires a level of strategy. You need to remember all the decisions you make because it can have an impact on the results and can lower the house edge.

Some other online casinos Malaysia free bonus games that involve skills more than luck are Pai Gow, 3 Card Poker, Let It Ride, and Caribbean Stud Poker.

Fun Facts

There is nothing more exciting than to play online casino Malaysia free bonus games that are the most fun. Of course, there will be people who will be more interested in the technical aspects of a casino online mobile Malaysia game as discussed above; but if you are a beginner, having fun first should be your top priorityOnline gambling

Of course, you also need to give yourself a chance to earn money, because winning heavy amounts of rewards will amplify the fun you are having. Plus, if you want to earn money and this is your top priority, then you can choose from other better gambling options.

But, if you’re into casino gambling, then you should just enjoy yourself and if you win anything, then think of it as an extra bonus. If you are a new player, using welcome free credits or online casino welcome bonus will help you test and check which casino games are the ones for you.

Some players will go for challenges, while others will opt for the ones that are easy to learn. The ones looking for challenges will probably go for games that require high gambling skills, analysis abilities, and planning for every game, particularly like Poker and Blackjack.

Last but not least, there is nothing right or wrong in the online casino Malaysia free bonus game you are choosing to play. Each comes with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The information given above will aid newcomers in the online gambling and casino world regarding their exact requirements.

safe-transactions-logoEven though there are many other factors to consider for choosing the right online casino games, still the five points mentioned above are enough for you since they will help you take the initial steps into the world of all online casino Malaysia gaming. Try as many games as you can till you find your winning game. You can click on the link below to find and play any trusted casino games for a safe online casino playing experience.