Most of the tourists are unaware of genting casino games in Malaysia. Even so, many Malaysians don’t know about it. If we talk about a genting casino that is the largest in size, it is the Genting Highlands located in Malaysia. On the other hand, if we see have to select a genting casino according to table games and gaming machines, it has to be Resorts World Genting. You can visit these places to play live roulette Malaysia and other casino games.

Genting casino card games date back to a time when a genting casino was opened at a hilltop resort located in Malaysia. Genting casino games were founded by a Malaysian named Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong who was an entrepreneur by profession. This was in the year 1965. His aim was to create a hill resort that spoke of luxury.

Genting casino card games

Genting Card Games

Genting casino offers different genting casino games and almost every casino game is available there. Let’s have a look at some of these games:



If we take a look at the history of Ponton, it is a British doppelganger of the world-renowned banking game Twenty-One, called the best form of Blackjack in American casinos. Blackjack is a popular game and is amongst the most played games in casino history. Ponton offers a little more spice to Blackjack and has the capability to entice its player.

Pontoon game rules on genting

Genting casino games rules of Pontoon are the rules of Blackjack only, with some more additions. Players who achieve Pontoon are the ones that have the first two cards as Ace and the rest as Queen, Jack, and King. The overall points should total 21 or can be close to it.


Progressive Texas Hold’em poker

Progressive Texas Hold'em poker

You have to make the best five cards from the lot, which has the ability to beat the dealer’s hand. The player can do so by using 2 cards called as the hole cards and collect not more than five community cards. Additionally, you can also bet on the bonus and jackpot to win extra money.

Progressive Texas Hold’em poker game rules on genting

Genting casino games rules of progressive Texas Hold’em poker game are that you can place a bet either on the dealer’s hand or your own hand. If winning cards are the same as the player’s hand then the players win the game.




Baccarat is one of the genting casino card games that fall under the bracket of being one of the most ancient games, dating back to no less than 500 years. This game was primarily played by the aristocrats. It has only lately been incorporated at online casinos. This game originated in Italy, crafted by a person whose name was Felix Falguiere. The game is made up of the word ‘Baccara’ that is Italian for zero.

 Baccarat game rules on genting

The player having  points closest to 9 or  having the highest point wins the game while 0 being the minimum and 9 being the maximum. Generally, the cards from 2-9 contain some face value. An Ace is regarded as 1. These are the genting casino games rules of Baccarat. The Queen, king, and Jack are considered as having a 0 face value.




There has never been a clear picture regarding the history of blackjack. Though, this game has slowly progressed over the years. It is said to have been evolved from Vingt-et-un, a French game. This French game on translation is meant as ‘Twenty One.’ It was hugely famous during the start of the 18th century as a genting casino card games.

Blackjack game rules on genting

You have to get a total score of 21 in order to win this game. The score can also be close to 21 too. The points of the player should be higher than the total points of the dealer. To win this game, follow genting casino games rules.


Three Picture

three picture poker

The Three Picture or the three card poker was created by Derek Webb in the year 1994. This game was made to incorporate the rush of poker with the agility of a normal genting casino card games. The game gave heavy payouts since that time in order to attract people for genting casino card games.

Three Picture game rules on genting

In Three Picture genting casino game rules, the ace carries a face value of 0 and Queen, Jack, and king have the face value of 0. The hand with the highest ranking is called as “Three Knights.” This hand contains 3 picture cards. The highest score that is considered is 9.


Genting Stud Poker


In Stud poker, the player gets a mixture of face-up and face-down cards during multiple rounds. It is a typical non-positional game i.e. the turns of players may change in each round. These are its genting casino game rules.

Genting Stud poker game rules on genting

Stud poker game is a genting casino games that is a poker variation with a five-card stud as its basis. The players do not play against each other but the house. Players can also wager in on the progressive jackpot. So these are the genting casino game rules.



So, you can very well select a game and head to the Genting Highland to try your hand at winning some amazing prizes to win genting casino games by knowing the genting casino games rules. If you can’t make it to the Genting Highland, read this article “Live Casino Online vs Genting Casino so that you know what the live genting casino games are really about along with their awesome benefits. Additionally, you can read “Live Casino Singapore” this article has written exclusively for casino enthusiasts like you so that you know about all the live casino games that you can play in an online casino.